About GuruShots

"GuruShots is redefining the way amateur and professional photographers interact."

Currently, dialogue between amateur and professional photographers is limited to courses, books, magazines, photography websites and blog tutorials.

We found a better way to do things.

GuruShots enables less structured, more accessible and highly interactive communication between amateur photographers and a wide variety of professionals, specializing in most fields of modern photography.

Our Service
Our first paid service improves traditional online photo critiques. Currently, most photo critiques found online are not very helpful to the vast majority of amateurs posting their photos. Mostly, because at best, the critique is short, unstructured, and often made by fellow amateurs or random surfers.

It is something entirely different when you can choose from a large pool of talented professional photographers to critique your photos and give you actionable information. With every photo you upload, our Pros will help you identify strengths, weaknesses, patterns, technical issues, and potential.

Our Method
GuruShots works by using the principle of apprenticeship. Learn by doing and receiving frequent feedback from an expert (someone with significant experience in the field). At GuruShots, we believe there is no better way to improve your skills than by receiving feedback on the photos you take.

We make it easy for anyone to become an "apprentice." Anytime you want to improve your photography skills, or just solve a particular problem, simply upload your photos to our website, choose your Pro and get feedback quickly.

We hope you enjoy the site. Let us know what you think, we look forward to your suggestions.

All the best,

The GuruShots Team
Boston, MA, USA