How it works

1. Click on Get a Critique
Start by clicking on the Get a Critique button.
2. Choose the professional photographer (Pro) you want to work with
There is a wide selection of professional photographers (Pros) from all over the world to choose from. Each Pro has a particular specialty and you can read about their backgrounds and see their portfolio photos to make your decision.
3. Select photos you want to get critiqued and upload them
You can upload just one photo or as many as you want. Often people upload several photos at a time.
4. Hire the Pro
Once you have uploaded your photos and chosen your Pro, all that remains is to hire the Pro for the job. The Pro will automatically receive email notification about the new job. You will receive an email letting you know that the Pro has accepted the job.
5. Review the photo critiques
When the Pro has completed the job you will receive email notification. You simply click on the link in the email, sign in and view the feedback you received.
Don't wait. Get started now.
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